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Based at our purpose built factory, Pace are constantly looking into new areas of product development and satisfying ever demanding market needs. Pace have successfully mastered the art of manufacturing aluminium radiator and intercooler Cores using the Nockoloc flux brazing process. And through years of development and evolution have refined and added to the range of Cores produced.

Pace utilise years of experience and expertise to manufacture curved and tapered Cores, which are traditionally extremely difficult processes.

The process of manufacturing Cores is complex and in order to maintain consistency in production, the extent of rigorous and regular quality checks is paramount, with constant analysis of product output.

Our resultant production output, provides an extremely strong Core product, with an exceptionally high thermal efficiency, allowing cooling issues to be solved efficiently and effectively, to enable your power plant, plumbing process to be problem free.

All Pace Cores are hand assembled to the very highest standard, guaranteeing a product and service that delivers ‘The Winning Formula – It’s all about Pace’.