Sun, 21st of December 2014


David Lazenby

Pace Products was founded by ex-Lotus Chief Mechanic David Lazenby over 20 years ago, producing a range of high performance aluminium dry sump oil pumps for the motorsport industry.

Over the years new products have been added to the range, and an in-house machining facility was added to establish quality machining.

The oil pump side of the business now produces specialised oil pumps and complete dry sump systems for a wide range of customers and vehicles.

In the late 1980's, while doing turbo charger conversions, we started producing our own intercoolers because it was very hard to find exactly what we wanted at a reasonable price. After doing this for a while, it was recognised that there was a demand for aluminium intercoolers and radiators, so we decided to stop conversions and concentrate on radiator and intercooler cores.

It took 3 years to develop the technology to manufacture intercooler cores, and over the years the process has been refined with alternate core widths being introduced.

We now manufacture in-house cores with widths ranging from 18mm up to 86mm thick, and can produce radiator and intercooler cores up to 500mm stack height and 1000mm in length.
We supply cores to customers exact requirements and have a pool of skilled TIG welders producing complete bespoke radiators and intercoolers.

Our latest leap in technology is to be able to curve and taper water radiators, thus allowing us to assist the high performance motorcycle market with their cooling problems.



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