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pumps CD 2000 Pumps
A brand new oil pump using CD rotors, gravity die cast in LM25TF aluminium with special internal oil porting to maximise oil flow through the pump.
Toyota & VW Pumps
Well proven and compact dry sump oil pump designed specifically for VW F3 & Toyota Novamotor.
pumps Roots-type pumps
Pace can design & manufacture Gear/Roots Pumps to your exact specifications.
Gear Pumps
A new range of gear type oil pumps incorporating our new high capacity gear and available in either six or seven tooth form.
compact pumps Compact C Pumps
A compact modular pump which can be supplied with 1-4 stages
Custom Pumps
We have the ability and equipment to design and manufacture special oil pumps to your exact requirements.
B.G Pumps
The BG pump has been produced by Pace for over 10 years and has proven to be very efficient and reliable (as is the case for all our oil pumps).
Ford Kent Pumps
Check out 3 different types of pumps for the Ford Kent series:
Water pump drive kit



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